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A Special Place for People. People Who Love Bikes.

Joe’s Bike Shop exists because we believe one simple principle: life is better with bikes.

Better for people. Better for the world. Better for families. Better for kids. Better for students. Better for any and everyone.

Some of our friends ride bikes for fun. Some ride bikes to commute around Baltimore. Some race bikes and push themselves to their limits.

If you love bikes, Joe’s is the place for you.

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joes-bike-shop-home-shops-section-mount-washington We didn’t choose Mt. Washington so much as it chose us. In ’99, the opportunity came to take over the Mt. Washington Bike Shop, and it was a no brainer. It’s perfectly situated – close to the country but with a strong sense of city life. The shop has always been supported by the locals; we benefit from an amazing connectivity within the neighborhood. The community has been remarkably generous to us over the years. We can’t imagine having a bike shop anywhere else (except for Fells, of course.)


joes-bike-shop-home-shops-section-fells-point We have so much love for Fells Point. The opportunity to put a bike shop in this neighborhood was really satisfying. It’s not a cookie cutter neighborhood. Fells defies convention in so many ways – is it a bar district? a gritty working neighborhood? home to high end apartment complexes? It’s all of those things. There’s a vein of independence that runs through Fells Point. It’s got a real strong sense of self, which we like to think we do, too. We felt confident that Joe’s Bike Shop would succeed there, and it has proven to be true that Fells and its residents are extremely loyal in supporting local businesses in their neighborhood.


These are the folks who keep Joe’s spinning. Like moths to a flame, we all wound up here because we share a love of bikes, working on bikes, talking about bikes… you get the idea. We love bikes. Every last one of us is a dedicated and passionate rider, so you can be assured that we practice what we preach. We treat our customers’ bikes the same way we treat our own, because we care about giving everyone the greatest cycling experience they can get. And we’re fairly certain there’s no better way to spend our days.


Great products for bike lovers.

For the commuter, recreational rider, racer, and everyone in between.


Joe’s Bike Shop is a well known fix it shop. Change a flat, we do that. We’ll even show you how. For those struggling with a hard to find solution for any bike, we take care of that too.

Our repair service is fast, professional, and affordable. Swing by today, and we’ll take a look at your bicycle.

We even offer free air. And conversation. And hugs.

When I first got into racing I was not yet on a team. The evening before a race my rear derailleur wasn't working properly and needed the help of a true mechanic. I called the shop where I bought the bike, and they were unable to help within such a short time frame. The staff at Joe's was able to fix the bike, quickly, and I was on my way that night to the race location. I haven't gone anywhere else since!
- Sam Hoffberger
MT. WASHINGTON5813 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD
HOURS:Monday-Friday 10a - 8pSaturday 10a - 6pSunday 12p - 5p
FELLS POINT723-B South Broadway, Baltimore, MD
HOURS: Monday-Friday 10a - 8pSaturday 10a - 6pSunday 12p - 5p