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Chris BeckAge: 38Lives in: Towson, MDFirst Race: Susquehanna Scorcher, 1996

Chris Beck still has a scar to remind him of the first time he rode a bike. It was a hot day in the summer of 1979, and Chris took a tumble, meeting the country road he’d been riding a moment before.

Chris’s early injury didn’t deter him from getting back on the bike, and soon enough he was catching air on his BMX bike, riding with his brothers around their backyard trails. The brothers built their own jumps to tackle with their BMX bikes. “No distance was too far to ride if there was air to catch.”

Chris’s passion for going “all in” in competition was born in 7th grade, when he broke the school record for the mile in gym class and resolved to, from then on, do things at the front of the pack.

As a college student, he worked summers in construction. His boss drove a sports car, to which he had had a chromed-out GT Zaskar with mag wheels permanently mounted on the roof rack. The boss said it “made his ride look good,” but Chris had other plans for that bike. A month’s wages later, he was shredding the local trails after work every day with that bike that had, until then, been an eccentric hood ornament.

In 2000, Chris rode in his first race, the Susquehanna Scorcher, on his beloved GT Zaskar, and won.

“I pulled a wheelie as I crossed the finish line and fell off the back of the bike. I still can’t pull a proper wheelie.”

After some years of success in MTB, Chris set his sights on the Tour de France, shaved his legs, joined the Trek/VW p/b Joe’s Bike Shop road racing team, and quickly became a hilly road race specialist.

Never content to idle in one specialty too long, Chris rediscovered his love of the trails after a few years riding circles on the pavement of parking lots. He began racing the MTB circuit in hopes of joining the Trek/VW mountain squad.

“For a few years I chased Chris Eatough, Jeremiah Bishop, and a few other superstars of the sport around the east coast, eventually growing tired of 3rd place. Then I discovered that I had a knack for endurance.”

Chris trained like mad with good friend and 6-time 24-hour world champion Chris Eatough, and catapulted himself to the top of the 100 miles racing scene. The NUE series was born.

Soon after reaching the highest point in his racing career, Chris welcomed his daughter Charlotte in 2009. He’s since been focused on building a coaching business, through which his athletes become his greatest connection the the sport he loves so much.

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